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Reputation Management

Reputation management, one of the most important tools of promoting a company to the public, involves helping a company to build an image in the industry and prevents the status of the company to be effected from negative factors.

Brand Management

The ultimate goal is to enable companies that are either in the process of building their brand or already has a established brand, to better their current positions and to operate on a global scale.

Marketing Communications

It is a form of communication that aims to improve the quality of services or products offered in the eyes of consumers. It also ensures that the connection between marketers and buyers is strong and efficient.

Media Communication

Spreading of methods which could be applied for the establishment or current activities of a company through media to targeted people or to institutions.

Leader Communication

A communication unit enabling a person with a managerial title or a department, to perform case studies and to prepare presentations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As per humanity and social responsibility, the manners and tactful attitudes of institutions and organizations shown on certain issues. Responsibilities extend across the organization and contain non-negotiable matters.

Crisis Communication

A set of measures to be enforced to provide maximum protection for the company in a possible crisis and also to prevent the consequences as much as possible. Also to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible with minimal impact by way of communication.

Internal Communication

Internal communication must be well established within and be highly efficient for the company to advance in general and to operate competently in different areas.

Sponsorship Communication

Strengthening business partnerships and connections is a type of communication performed to provide highly added value to the society and to the targeted audience.